Role Call

Construction sites, care homes, schools & more...


Role Call is a COVID-friendly contactless sign in/sign out management system. We offer a state of the art proprietary system that can be fully integrated with Hikvision Thermal Screening and Facial Recognition solutions; ensuring social distancing at all times.

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Roll Call

Features & Benefits

  • Improved health and safety for all involved with minimised risks.

  • More efficient project management with minimal delays.

  • Coordination between all parties involved.

  • Reduced costs, bureaucracy, and paperwork.

  • Thorough project management and compliance.

  • No legal prosecution or bad publicity due to violations.

Designed with people in mind,

  • Uncomplicated with mobile phone access means uncompromised lines of communication at all times.
  • The user friendly interface makes for a valued addition to any toolbox, its interactive capability quickly becomes part of your team.
  • From head office to site office, from site office to build face, from sales to customer Role Call is your steppingstone to a safe and secure construction pathway which strengthens client, supplier, and customer relationships.