Manned Guarding

Security Guarding – Security Officers – Security Inspectors – Protective Agents

Our primary purpose is to protect assets to include property, people, equipment while maintaining a clear focus on Health & Safety in the workplace. It is our job to identify and minimise risk from a variety of hazards such as criminal activity, damage to property, waste management, unsafe worker behaviour by enforcing preventive measures. We do this by maintaining a high-visibility presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions, through patrols or indirectly by monitoring our bespoke CCTV systems.

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Manned Guarding

Our 4 Key Strategies: DETECT – DETER – OBSERVE - REPORT

Major advantages of manned guarding guaranteeing a qualified physical presence on site who can deal with security issues and emergency situations.

  • Offering customers, a front-line defence with an uplift on security deterrents

  • Heightened measures include taking full advantage of our senses, sight, hearing, smell & instinct

  • Our guards are trained in recording and maintaining accurate patrol & occurrence logs, the devil is in the detail


Our guards constantly review the strengths and weaknesses of any given situation, this ensures their safety and your assets, we do this by measuring the imbalance of opportunity against exposure to risk enabling the correct actions to be taken

  • We invest in our people making sure they are alert and always familiar with their surroundings & procedures

  • Honesty is a prerequisite of a good guard; we pride ourselves on being able to guarantee this quality

  • Exceptional communication skills between frontline staff, the employer & the customer will never be compromised