Mobile CCTV


Video surveillance or close-circuit television (CCTV) is the prevalent tool to ensure over-all safety and prevent and investigate near misses and actual accidents. Mobile CCTV can also be a crucial factor to help in emergency situations, its multi-functionality benefits construction & commercial site guarding, fly tipping, public gatherings, exposed rural sites or just local community patrols, the possibilities are endless.

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Mobile CCTV

Bringing real time security to your fingertips

Our real time visual surveillance system detects and tracks multiple people, monitors and records their activities in any outdoor environment

  • CCTV mobility allows bespoke movement of vehicles and tracking as per client requirements
  • CCTV mobility offers total flexibility and efficiency in the monitoring and recording of events
  • CCTV mobility can be a rapid response solution or planned front-line deterrent

Making sure everywhere has eyes – No more blind spots our guarantee

Mobile surveillance is well positioned to benefit from 360-degree visibility, which can help glean situational awareness in real time to correctly gauge the level of an emergency and deploy aid that is commensurate with the situation at hand.

  • Seeing is believing – prevention to prosecution
  • Mobile CCTV removes the need for second guessing and hearsay
  • Mobile CCTV makes peoples actions transparent and records individual responsibility