Fly Tipping Prevention

CCTV helps protect the natural environment and pollution to water or land

We install rapid response camera units in dumping hot spots. The cameras can be moved depending on where the offence is happening. The introduction of CCTV cameras helps deter, capture and prosecute, those that choose to ignore the law and jeopardise the good work of local communities in their efforts to maintain and preserve the quality of our environment.

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Fly Tipping

Improve the Environment & Public Health

We offer a proactive solution in the fight against “Fly Tipping” by using our solar powered stand-alone CCTV system by creating a physical deterrent.

  • The quality of image capture is admissible as evidence when prosecuting in a court of law.

  • Direct cost savings by cutting clearing contaminated areas especially “Hot Spots”.

  • Helping strengthen sentencing guidelines for both councils, managing agents and public.

Working within the guidelines of Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Part II) s.33

Encouraging community awareness and interaction by helping educate with the help of schools & colleges.

  • Supporting communities and local authorities implement government protocols 2.7 to 2.10.

  • Helping implement Environmental Agency Protocols 3.7 & 3.8.

  • Unlimited supply and display of clear “Warning” signage.