CCTV Rental

Protect your property 24/7 from £3.99 per week

Our home and business CCTV systems utilise the latest camera technology ensuring performance and reliability for years to come, giving you security & peace of mind at home or work backed by our professional and personal service.

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CCTV Rental

Connecting Through Communication

We include 168hrs per year monitoring and response FREE of charge whilst away from your property and in the event of intrusion provide insurance backed systems to secure your property until a full repair is made, should there be a delay in either option we will secure your assets by placing a security guard on site.

  • The protection of property gives every person the right to peaceful enjoyment of their possessions, we will help insure you will never be deprived of your possessions except in the public interest and subject to the conditions provided for by law.

FREE Security Health Check

We carry out full security health audits on every property prior to installation, we do this by completing a comprehensive risk assessment and method statement outlining observations, alerts and proposals.

  • You will receive a report highlighting general, personal, technical & community recommendations
  • Personal & bespoke designed systems are available should there be a requirement to minimise any risk
  • The key to efficient security is to proactively strengthen the weakest link of your protection chain