Construction Site Security

Mitigation of Crime & Welfare Neglect Within the Construction Industry - from £39.99 per week 

It is not surprising that the most common forms of crime in the construction industry are theft, vandalism and health and safety neglect. These crimes contribute to the UK industry suffering millions of pounds worth of losses every year. These costs relate to not only the crimes themselves but also the resulting financial penalties, such as increased insurance premiums and project delays.

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Health and safety compliance should be a top priority

In a recent Government survey, 90% of respondents indicate that they have witnessed health and safety neglect. Of those 90%, 20% say it occurs every week and 42% say it happens on a monthly basis.

  • CCTV helps identify risk in real time by viewing live footage on hand held devices or tablets.

  • Send alerts direct to individuals who are seen to be at risk or ignoring safe working practice.

  • Stay alert to operatives working at height, using plant equipment & environmental management.

Avoid Counting the Cost of Crime

In a recent Government survey, theft is the most common crime; 21% of respondents state that they experience theft each week and, overall, 92% are affected weekly, monthly or yearly.

  • CCTV reduces the risk and sites exposure to a crime taking place.

  • The likelihood of theft is currently running at 92% with vandalism running at 91%.

  • CIOB recommendations highlight the need to ensure lights are connected to CCTV.